Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Starting Point

I had tried several times to start this blog, but just couldn't manage it. So I am stealing my daughter Lil's entry from yesterday December 6th.

Two great things happened on this day in history. My friend Margaret was born 30 years ago and my parents were married 34 years ago! I am so glad both things happened.

My parents, Hal and Iris, have done a lot in their 34 years together. The most important being having me. Along with me, they had my sister Jessica and my brother Luke. After they had us, they spent the rest of their lives collecting strays. Stray cats, dogs, turtles, pigeons, and people. Nothing is too big or too small to find a home with them. If you traveled to my house in Missouri right now, you would find a family of six in our basement and two more people upstairs. That's not counting my mom and dad. They aren't quite saints, but if they ran a certain inn in history, believe me, there would have been room. If honoring your parents means your days will be long upon the land, then I'm going to live to be 124, because I love them so, so much.
Happy Anniversary!

Now, really, Could I have started this blog any better than this? Thank you Lillith.. You make your Mommy's life much easier. And that is a daughters duty. Right?

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